Leadership Team

Creating an environment of community and a sense of belonging is very important to everyone on the Lincoln Prep PSO team.

As we get ready to start our 5th year together, the PSO encourages everyone to get involved and support your child’s school by volunteering.  Whether you just have an hour to give once in a while, a couple hours here or there, or a full day, let us know what you can give and we’ll help to get you plugged in.

Your 2020-2021 Officers:

President~ Eryn Watson – email: PSO@LincolnPrep.org

Vice President ~ Beth Watkins- email: LPAPSOvp@lincolnprep.org

Treasurer ~Audrey Kobsar  – email: LPAPSOTreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary ~ Wendy Cornell – email: LPAPSOSecretary@gmail.com

Committee Chairs:

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator – Beth Watkins

Teacher Appreciation –  Marti Leger-email: LPAPSOteacherappreciation@lincolnprep.org

Social Events – TBD- email: LPAPSOsocialevents@lincolnprep.org

PSO Website – Eryn Watson

Publicity Officer – TBD- email:

Passive Revenue Generation–TBD – email: LPAPSOpassivefundraising@lincolnprep.org

Uniform Sales – Esther Ades + Erynn Chase -email: PSOUniforms@lincolnprep.org

Athletic Committee – Max Lechner-email: psosportsliaison@lincolnprep.org