End of Year Fun!

What if I told you that we are going to have an activity in May, that the whole family would enjoy? Something to cool you off.. well, we are! We are headed to Golfland Sunsplash once again!! Last year it was a HUGE hit! Here are the details: we will be going Saturday, May 18th, the park hours are 11-5, the cost is $23 per person, which is $10 off. They have lockers at the park, which are $8, but with a $10 refundable deposit. If you do not want a locker, that’s o.k. too, a couple of the parents will have a designated table that they will keep an eye on. Wristbands will be available for purchase on the signup here. They can be picked up at the Front Office, beginning May 14th. Any questions: email Tracy Vickery at: tracyvickery@hotmail.com.

Drama department help needed

Our drama department is needing some items for their upcoming play. Since the drama department is new, the needs are great. Please click the link here, to see the signup. The items that have the highest priority are the benches. Now is the time for us to pull together as a community, in order to make the play a success.  If you have any questions regarding the needed items, please email Ms. Baker at: sbaker@lincolnprep.org.

PSO Meeting and Restaurant Deal!

Hello Lincoln Prep family: wanted to make two important announcements. The first one is that our monthly PSO meeting is TOMORROW, at 8:00am, in the conference room. This is a good way to find out what is going on, meet the leadership team, and to discover how you can get involved. The second is about a restaurant that wants to partner with us on Wednesdays. If you stop by Grubstack, located at 4165 S. Gilbert Road., Ste. 5, on Wednesday, and your student is wearing their uniform, they have the opportunity to eat for free, with any adult purchased meal. In other words, purchase one adult entrée, and your student gets a free child sized meal. Have two adults that order entrees, then two kids eat free. You get the idea… Grubstack is located on the SE side of Gilbert and Ocotillo, just a little South of Sprouts, in front of the EOS gym. Hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to have lunch out with your student.

Here are the dates of the PSO meetings for the rest of the school year: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Wednesday, March 20th, Wednesday, April 17th, and Wednesday, May 15th.

Help the Teachers during Conferences

Hello Lincoln Prep Families- I cannot believe I’m saying this, but the Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up next week! As you may or may not know, we feed the teachers during the conferences. They will be very busy meeting with parents and students, and will have a short break to grab a bite to eat. I must admit that I’ve been looking at the signups, and frankly, we need help! Thursday the 3rd, is looking o.k., we still have a few items missing. Friday, the 4th, is looking pretty miserable. I know what you are thinking,  you’ve looked at the signup, for Friday, but cannot make tomato soup. You do have a wonderful recipe for something else, something not listed, and feel like you cannot bring it in, because it’s not on the signup. I say, poppycock! When creating the signups, sometimes you have to list specific food items that sound good. If you have a recipe for Aunt Mildred’s soup or chili, and it is not listed, BRING IT ANYWAYS. All I ask is that you mention in the comments what it is, so we do not have 5 crockpots of the same soup. The final Parent-Teacher conference is on Wednesday, the 9th, and it has a Mexican theme. We do not have many signups for that day, either.  I will put the links to each of the signups here, please look at them and signup to bring something. I know that the teachers REALLY look forward to these meals, and it will bring them great joy. The link for THURSDAY, (pizza), the 3rd is here. The link for FRIDAY, (soup and chili), the 4th is here. The link for WEDNESDAY, (tacos and tostadas), the 9th, is here. Thank you so much, Lincoln Prep Families, you are awesome and are so appreciated! Have a Happy New Year!!

Snacks and more..

O.K. parents of 7th graders, it is your turn to bring in snacks for the teachers this month. Let’s keep them fed, they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them. We also have a few more volunteering opportunities for you: we need more cookies for Fine Arts Night, one more person to help with set up, one more for clean up. Please see the signup here. We also need proctors, a lot of them! This is a HUGE help for our teachers. Please click here, and get signed up. Thank you so much for your assistance, it’s what keeps Lincoln Prep’s community strong!

Upcoming PSO meetings and needs

Hello Lincoln Prep families- I wanted to remind everyone to take a look at my previous blog, “Teacher Appreciation Signup Opportunity.” We still need people to signup to bring food for the monthly Teacher Appreciation lunch, this Wednesday. I also wanted to make you aware of the new entry under the Volunteer tab. I have listed the upcoming volunteer needs for the month of December, and for January, right after we get back from the break.  I also wanted to let you know the dates for our upcoming PSO meetings: Nov. 28th,  January 23rd, February 20th,  March 20th, April 17th, May 15th.

Field Trip Chaperones Needed

Parents of 9th graders in particular, now is your time to shine! Your student is going on a Field Trip THIS THURSDAY. We only have 1 volunteer at this time, and need 3 more. If you have fingerprint clearance, and you’d like to spend some time with your student, and maybe check out their classmates that they’ve been talking about, NOW IS THE TIME. Click here, to get signed up.

Taking care of tummies

Hello parents of 6th graders at Lincoln Prep-

We are asking for donations of snacks and/or classroom supplies for our teachers. We will have a cart that will be in the front office, where you can drop off your donation. In case you are wondering, we have around 35 teachers, but keep in mind, any and all snacks are appreciated. *Currently, our snack need is greater than our supply need.

The teacher’s wish list for classroom supplies is located in the link here. Please click on it, to see what classroom supplies the teachers are wishing for.


Thank you for supporting our teachers, it is greatly appreciated!

We love our teachers!

Hello Lincoln Prep families-

Last year the PSO organized and provided snacks or supplies to our teachers on a monthly basis. The PSO would like to continue this service to help support our teachers. It was well received by the teachers last year.

Here’s how it would work: at the beginning of the month I will send out an email blast. Each grade will be assigned a month contributing snacks and/or something from the teacher’s wish list. For example, tissues, dry erase markers, disinfecting wipes, etc. The link to the teacher’s wish list will be included in the email blast.

This month will be the 6th grade, December will be 7th grade, etc. We will combine the 10th and 11th grades, since the 11th grade class is small.

Look for my email blast in the next day or two.

As always, your support is appreciated.

Go Lightning!


*The PSO currently organizes lunch for the teachers and support staff once a month. In addition to this, we would like to provide snacks or supplies at the beginning of each month.